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Best and worst schools for GCSE results revealed in Bradford - and comes out on top
10:47am 05.11.2018


In Feb @NickGibbUK praised @DixonsTA for GCSE data: 79% of their disadvantaged pupils passed Eng & maths compared to 44% nationally. 'Impetus-PEF helped us crystallise how our committed schools can improve outcomes for students' @njweller
11:59am 06.11.2018


@QAdmissions Thanks very much for taking part, it was a really successful day.
6:06am 16.11.2018


I'm back in Bradford this week! Really enjoyed speaking about careers & university at the Grade 9 conference yesterday, and learning about gene editing at the @BrilliantClub @WorcCollegeOx IAG day today. Lots of young minds being inspired ✨
10:46am 09.11.2018

Dixons Academies Trust

At Dixons, we are committed to making a difference where it matters most.  We work to improve the future for thousands of children in the parts of the north of England where young lives are adversely affected by social and educational disadvantage.

We believe that every child, regardless of their background, should be able to fulfil their academic potential and go on to thrive amongst the demands and expectations of 21st century life.

We are ambitious for every child we teach and want to see a society that benefits from the contributions of our well-educated and empowered young people who come through our network of high-performing non-faith academies.  We make a difference to young lives by being that difference and defying the disadvantage we see. 

Founded by Dixons City Academy, the former City Technology College, our Trust has almost thirty years’ experience of running our own affairs. Although our original sponsor, Lord Kalms of the then Dixons Stores Group, still takes a keen interest in us, we are now self-sponsoring and independent. We remain true to our original aims, however, and our ambition remains the same: to transform education in our region. 

Our family of schools includes both primary and secondary.  We focus exclusively on sponsored turnaround academies to address educational failure and on new free schools to meet growing demand.  Our diversity is a real strength of our model, balancing common alignment with the autonomy to innovate. Our start-ups are all graded Outstanding and our sponsored academies have all climbed at least two Ofsted grades with our backing.  This gives us a solid platform from which we continue to build responsibly: our Trust will continue to expand, from over 7,000 students now to at least 10,000 by 2022. 

We have achieved a great deal in a relatively short time, but such is the culture of expectation here that we know our greatest impact is yet to come. 

Sir Nick Weller
CEO, Dixons Academies Trust


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